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What is locked… can be opened… What is hidden… can be found… What is yours… ...can be mine.


listen, if Glen Duncan and his stupid gorgeous novels and his stupid gorgeous characters start getting any sort of significant recognition, I’m not going to cope very well. the euphoria will be too real. I’ll have to start ironically hating him just to fucking get by.


What do you do if you’re capable of anything?
Just because you’re capable of anything doesn’t mean you have to do everything. It’s not a death sentence, Lulu. It’s a life sentence.

no salvation for a bad girl. a mix for tallula mary apollonia demetriou, mary and magdalene and monstrous feminine, who was eating hearts long before she was a werewolf, whose sacred streak has always run to the profane. for tallula, visibly smudged with the permissive modern wisdoms, for tallula, too selfish and good-looking and lazy and perverted to ever live the kind of life she knew she ought to, for tallula, whose humanity was bigger than her shame long before the monster was there. for maiden-mother-whore murderous-divine bad-woman superwoman fundamentally-humanhearted tallula victrix. listen | link | cover by the fabulous samira
problem - natalia kills • little girl - dj danger mouse & sparklehorse (ft. julian casablancas) • baby did a bad bad thing - chris isaak • it only takes one night - dum dum girls • damned if she do - the kills • kill of the night - gin wigmore • dirty diana - the weeknd • i get around - dragonette • wolf like me - anna calvi • walk at night - cults • heartbeats - thrushes • mary on the mend - cherry ghost • st. apollonia - beirut • talula (the tornado mix) - tori amos

Travis Fimmel: No, not at all. I think the show is great because it lets women be in powerful positions and be equal you know.

shout out to the one drunk guy at every fireworks festival who is way too excited to be at the fireworks festival.

some gems from tonight, usually screamed after a particularly big firework:

you force me up again. seeking answers. but i have no answers. only truth. stones and bones. i see a river. two shores. three sides. i see life; splitting, joining and struggling. each for itself.  

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SDCC Day 2 Portraits - Vikings (x)

"Reading a book is a dangerous thing, Justine. A book can make you find room in yourself for something you never thought you’d understand. Or worse, something you never wanted to understand."

—Glen Duncan, By Blood We Live (via mashamorevna)

When all you’ve got is nothing, there’s a lot to go around.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Dir.: Peter Jackson

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